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What is a Prepaid Credit Card

What Prepaid Cards is a comparison site explaining all about prepaid cards also known as prepaid credit cards. Not to be mistaken by similar products like debit cards and credit cards but with a twist. Unlike conventional debit and credit cards, you are guaranteed to get a prepaid card as long as you complete the online application, provide any ID which in most cases your passport number. Either pay the application fee or pre-load your prepaid card account with money prior to account activation.

Pre-paid cards also known as prepaid credit cards, offer you the same facility as a basic bank account but without the hoops to jump through. You get an online account exactly the same as a bank account. You get a payment card that you can use as long as funds are preloaded onto the account, the same as a debit card but without overdraft facilities. You get online banking and mobile banking plus telephone banking just like a normal bank account. The only difference is no branch banking as this is where prepaid card companies save their money.

Can I get a Free Prepaid Card? So why does it cost to get a prepaid credit card? Well there are three types of prepaid cards, Free prepaid cards which offer no application fee but usually charge to use. The next is a standard card with an application fee, the third is where you preload your card prior to getting your account activated.

Each Prepaid card company has a different offering and price structure, so see what they are offering before you dismiss them, just because they charge you an application fee! doesn't mean don't consider buying the card is no good as many contactless prepaid cards are expensive to manufacture. A prime example is the gold card there is an application fee and monthly fee but you get so much more with the account. If it's a free prepaid card's which means that the prepaid cards with no application fee, but you will have to pre-load with money. In most cases, preloading can range from £10 to £200.

Prepaid Credit Cards

The difference between the accounts is that a prepaid card account can be used as a substitute for a basic bank account. Where in most cases they offer substantially more for your money as they are charging a transaction fee, mostly common with pay as you go cards or monthly subscription account cards. Travel money cards in most cases preloaded with either sterling or the currency of your choice. As the travel money company make their money in the exchange rate, they get to what they offer you they can afford not to charge transaction fees and in some cases ATM fees.

Best Prepaid Card

Which brand is better Prepaid MasterCards or PrePaid Visa Cards? Both are the same to tell you the truth, prepaid MasterCards seem to be readerly available as an everyday account where prepaid visa cards are most likely to be travel money cards. Whatever the brand prepaid MasterCard or prepaid visa they both have their own network and advantages for using them.

Best Prepaid Credit Cards to choose? With so many pre-paid cards to choose from ranging from MasterCard to Visa, from pay-as-you-go to pay monthly or annually. Even unique prepaid cards such as prepaid cards for under 18’s, currency cards, improve your credit rating with a credit building card. Also some of the favorite Pre-paid cards that offer money saving facilities and prepayment monthly card options making it easy to amend the account price plan you are on.

Is a gift card the same as a prepaid card? Gift cards are closed looped programs meaning they can only be used with the retailer you purchased the gift card from. A prepaid card is either Visa or MasterCard prepaid card branded so you can use anywhere they are accepted.

MasterCard Prepaid Card

How easy is the process to get a prepaid card? Applying for a prepaid credit card they will need to verify your identity against the information you have supplied, so they can confirm it's you. If you provide your ID, they can usually do a full ID check if they cannot your prepaid card account will be still opened but at a reduced account limit, the limitations are restricted to £1,600 maximum load and spend a year where account holders can draw a maximum of £600 from ATMs.

Top 10 Prepaid Cards

Why get a prepaid card and not a basic bank account? Pay-as-you-go cards have exploded into the UK and offer a flexible way to control your money. Most importantly they are ideal for budgeting your expenditure and offer an alternative to consumers, that cannot get a bank account due to bad credit or are currently bankrupt. Prepaid cards companies do not do a credit check, so that means you are guaranteed to get a prepaid bank account.

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If you are thinking of buying a prepaid use What Prepaid Cards, regardless of your credit status, anyone can have a guaranteed prepaid account, even with CCJ’s. in bankruptcy or if you are bankrupt. Using what prepaid card website can assist finding a prepaid MasterCard for you.