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News Terms of use for What Prepaid Cards Website

Published on 1 March 2016 in M- Useful Information by Raffick Marday

What Prepaid Cards Website Terms

When you use our website it is their own best interests that all customers are advised to read our Terms and Conditions of Business.
Acceptance of visiting and using our website will be taken as evidence that you agree to these conditions.
These terms and conditions shall be binding to the Company and to the Customer in respect of all the Company’s sales or on its behalf and of the Titles. This will supersede all and any other prior terms and conditions or any agreements that may be related to them and also takes into account any verbal representations, warranties or with any undertakings given to any Customer by the Company or on its behalf of what prepaid card.

The Terms and Conditions of Business are of the Industries Standard Service Agreement. That is set out to be the minimum criteria relating to our standard of service. This service provided by prepaid card companies, prepaid wholesalers or media or newspapers and magazines outlets and companies, these are all incorporated into our Terms and Conditions of Business at What prepaid card.

Our standards set out should not be excluded and by reading our Terms and Conditions of Business where we have tried to use plain and clear English where possible but if you find any part unclear then you can contact us direct at

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