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Specialist Editorial Team for What Pre-Paid Card Website

Published on 3 March 2016 in M- Useful Information by Raffick Marday

Editorial Team for What Pre-Paid Card Website

Articles are unique to the website. Where the What Pre-Paid editorial team includes:

Managing Director Myles Davidson.
Myles is the founder and Managing Director of i-KOS. He is a tactical thinker who works judiciously to become an expert in all our clients' projects.
“Myles brings endless enthusiasm to every project, always adding creative ideas to the initial brief. Just as importantly, he has the expert knowledge necessary to bring those ideas to life.”
A passionate presenter and communicator Myles is available for hire as a 'lively' speaker on a variety of topics- in fact, you try and stop him talking!

Technical Director Richard Jones.
Joined i-KOS in 2003 as Technical Director having collaborated on projects with the company since inception in 2000. Richard graduated from the University of Sussex in 1996 with a 1st class degree in engineering. Immediately before joining i-KOS, Richard was heading up the development team working on the Content Management system for the Cable & Wireless global internet group. Richard now specializes in Drupal development and looks after the day to day running of i-KOS projects.

Business Development Simon Surtees.
With a decade's experience in Marketing and Business Development, Simon has acquired a proven track record of delivering sales growth, retaining strong client relationships, and improving business operations using strategy in the digital sector. A graduate of Mathematics from Sussex University, Simon has used his analytical abilities to develop a sound understanding of the leadership and management challenges faced by business and brings creativity, passion, and logic to his work.

Editorial Team for What Pre-Paid Card Website

Chief Editor Raffick Marday.
Raffick Marday launched the website Compare Pre-Paid to offer an excellent resource for consumers and businesses to make the right decision on finding the right product for their needs without searching through hundreds of sites. With a background in personal finance issues and consumer journalism, Raffick updates users on all the latest pre-pay and credit card announcements.

Anna Jay Journalist.
A fully trained journalist and graduate, Anna Jay is the News Editor at Compare Pre-Paid writing about all aspects of the personal finance industry. As well as writing news content and reviews for the website Anna’s role includes managing the news and content published on the site.

Journalist David Turner.
David brings to the editorial team over 5 years online experience and as an expert in price comparison services and online finance is well placed to contribute timely news and advice to the site about the latest online developments in the prepaid credit industry.

Journalist Tom Pritchard.
A journalist and editor for more than 3 years, Tom has a varied experience in online websites, working across a number of online start-ups before joining Compare Pre-Paid. With specialist knowledge of online content and personal finance, as well as good research skills, Tom enjoys researching and writing reviews and content on the website.

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