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Travelex Travel Money Review - Cheapest Currency Exchange Rates

Travelex Travel Money Review - Cheapest Currency Exchange Rates

Travel Money Review for Travelex based on holiday currency exchange rate service. Travelex Travel Money Review. So you can buy currency exchange rates from Travelex holiday money service is one of the largest currency providers in the UK with over 50 plus foreign currencies available and by more than one method. You can split the risk and take your travel money in cash, Travellers Cheques or a Cash Passport Card which is a prepaid card.

Travelex normally sends a mixture of currency denomination notes. Unless you have specified otherwise during the ordering process. Also, Travelex does not stock every currency denomination notes. So occasionally not able to provide the exact selection you requested.
Travelex may need to get in touch with you to ask for more information. Or offer alternative currency denomination notes so please make sure your contact details provided and always up-to-date.

Travelex travels money services guaranteed to beat the competition. Where they have an online service but also outlets at airports and retail collaborations due to they're extensive branding.

Travelex Travel Money Review as if you make any currency order online or over the phone then you can get next day delivery or opt to collect your travel currency at any of the 126 branches or even at the airport.

How to Apply

Travelex Travel Money Review

Buy Travelex Travel Money?

Delivery charge of £3.95 is applicable to any order £300.
Delivery charge of £1.95 is applicable to any order £500.
Orders over £500 offer a free delivery charge.

Any orders paid by credit card will incur a charge online.
Select amount and where you want to collect your currency.
Complete the application and transaction.
Once funds cleared Travelex will process your travel money order.
Read Travelex terms & conditions before you purchase any travel money.

In addition, Collect from over 126 branches in the UK, please ensure you bring your passport or driving licence with you to confirm you are the rightful owner.

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Travelex Travel Money

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65 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TD.



    • Australian Dollar Australian Dollar
    • Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar
    • Euro Euro
    • Japanese Yen Japanese Yen
    • New Zealand Dollar New Zealand Dollar
    • Pound Sterling Pound Sterling
    • South Africa Rand South Africa Rand