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RationalFX Travel Money Company Review - Best Holiday Money Prices

RationalFX Travel Money Company Review - Best Holiday Money Prices

RationalFX Travel Money Company Review where Rational is a currency company where we hare reviewed for the best Holiday Money Prices.

RationalFX Travel Money Company offers the Best Holiday Money Prices due to their long established business providing currency exchange to thousands.
Consequently, Rational FX is a London based company that operate travel money services in the United Kingdom. Due to the competitive currency exchange rate, they charge where they quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

The secret to RationalFX is that they do not do a daily travel money rate but instead use live exchange rates which will mean they rate you see is the exchange rate you will get plus as there are no branches they are able to offer a tighter margin rate which means you get the best possible exchange rate.

How to Apply

RationalFX Travel Money

Delivery charge of £2.95 is applicable to any order £400.
Orders over £400 offer a free delivery charge.

Any orders paid by credit card will incur a charge 1.5% online.
Select amount and where you want to collect your currency.
Complete the application and transaction.
Once funds cleared RationalFX will process your travel money order.
Read RationalFX terms & conditions before you purchase any travel money.

RationalFX offers an online service only, all currency orders will be by home delivery.

Apply Now

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RationalFX Travel Money

Company Details


RationalFX Holland House Bury Street London EC3A 5AW UK

+44 207 220 8195



    • Pound Sterling Pound Sterling