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Comparison Euro Holiday Currency Rates so when you need to buy Euro Travel Money online today using our comparison of holiday currency rates designed all about buying travel money for all parts of Europe, which currency exchange providers sell euros.

While Euro travel money cards are a relatively recent phenomenon, they are quickly becoming known. So what are these new products all about, what are their pros and cons versus the standard credit cards, and which travel money card is the best one?

Travel money has evolved from traveller's cheque and traditional credit or debit cards cards
It was only recently that people who were traveling to another country did anything but order traveller's cheques. Anytime people went on vacation they never questioned using traveller's checks; that is until banks made it easier to get cash using foreign ATMs. Because of the abundance of information available on internet financial sites, the average person is now much more savvy about the various miscellaneous fees that banks assess on their customers.

You are not in business to make the banks richer, and they claim that they charge such high international fees because they are also charged high rates. That might be the case, but they make plenty of money, as is evident because they always have the nicest buildings in town!

How travel money cards will revolutionize the foreign exchange industry
Over the last few years, there have been amazing advancements in technology. The use of the Internet and the availability of broadband connectivity have increased exponentially. This allowed for many people to begin managing their money using the Internet.

Cheapest Euro Holiday Exchange Rates

As more and more people began performing different tasks using the Internet, a market that was previously only available to banks opened up for the majority of businesses.

One of the forerunners - The Euro Travel Money Card:
When this market opportunity opened up in the travel money industry, the financial gurus sensed that need could be filled very profitably by providing the public with an economical travel money card.

In the beginning, there were two travel money cards. The one card used US dollars, while the other was in euros. These cards were designed to charge about 1% on exchange rates, charged nothing for making purchases, and only charged $1-$2 at ATMs.

Cheapest Euro Travel Money Rate Online

The nice thing about the Euro travel money cards is that when you purchased a card and loaded it with money, you also were locking in the current exchange rate for that money at that time. Of course, sometimes this can be good, and at other times it can be bad for your purchasing power. The cards are still offer and are available.

Cheapest Euro Holiday Exchange Rates

Do you want to bet with your travel money?
However, others like the idea of possibly getting more out of their travel money. With this in mind, they deal with the ever changing exchange rate whenever they make a transaction, instead of simply buying their travel money in advance. This is one good thing since it helps to save some few Euro.

Many people did not understand that using their travel money card in Europe saved them money when compared to using a regular bank card. Due to this, a simpler travel money card had to be designed; one that could be used anywhere in the world and that would save travellers money when compared to their bank card.