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No USA Transaction Fees when using Prepaid Credit Card

Application Fees
Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
CaxtonFX Dollar Card
Application Fee: None
Transaction Fee: no-usa-pos, no-usa-atm
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: Free - $2.00
Top Up Fee: Free
Travelex Cash Passport Card
Application Fee: Free minimum £100 load
Transaction Fee: no-foreign-atm, no-foreign-pos, no-uk-atm-fee, no-uk-pos, no-usa-pos, no-usa-atm
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: Free
Top Up Fee: Free - 2%
FairFX Dollar Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: no-usa-pos, no-usa-atm
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: $2.00
Top Up Fee: Free - 1.5%

Which Prepaid Cards Charges No USA Point of Sale Fees? No fees when using your debit card for overseas spending or visiting the USA.

What is the Best Debit Card with No USA POS Charges?
When it comes to debit cards, most of us want something reliable, fast, and possibly, free of additional charges (or at least with charges at a lower rate). Since that is hard or borderline impossible to find, we wanted to try and answer the question what is the best debit card with no USA POS charges?

After doing some thorough research, we've come up with one simple answer: it's the Payoneer MasterCard. Now, let's take a look at why Payoneer, what other fees may await, and what are its advantages and flaws.

Why this Card?
First of all, let's get one thing out of the way

  • we aren't saying that Payoneer is the best card on the planet. There are other cards that can provide you with different benefits depending on the situation, but when it comes to charging you nothing for POS in USA (or anywhere else for that matter), we simply had to go with this one.

Payoneer has been around since 2005. It started off with $2 million funding and has grown into one of the biggest debit card providers in the world since then. While its competition revolves around benefiting employers, Payoneer focuses on the employees and freelancers, which is why it's among the most popular cards in the freelancing field.

No USA Point of Sale Fees when using Prepaid Card
What can this Card do?

No USA Point of Sale Fees when using Travel Cards?

The Payoneer MasterCard is pretty versatile in terms of receiving payments and generally using it. You don't even need a bank account to get one of these cards.

  • simply register on their website and order your own debit card.
  • Registering on the site may be free, but withdrawing money from an ATM is not. There's a fixed $3.15 transaction fee for any withdrawal you make on an ATM while checking your balance the same way will cost you $1. Still, paying for this card anywhere (yes, even online) has no additional fees, which is why we've chosen this card.

Pros and Cons of ATM cards?

So, lets recap and mention a few other benefits the Payoneer MasterCard can provide you with:

  • € You don't need a bank account.
  • € Funds are available for withdrawal within 2 hours.
  • Low transaction fee and no POS charge.
  • Highly secure.Now, let's take a look at some of its flaws:€ It follows Forex rates, which can cause you to lose money when withdrawing in a different currency.
  • Customer support is slow. They will fix your problem, but it may take a while.
  • Private payment limit.
  • you can't request a payment or get paid more than $1000 per transaction.
    Bottom line, the Payoneer MasterCard offers some truly significant services. Even though its customer support is not the fastest in the world and its exchange rates are not the best, the fact that it has such low additional fees and makes your money available quickly makes it the best debit card that doesn't charge for POS in the USA or the rest of the world.