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White Eagle Prepaid Card Review

Published on 1 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

White Eagle Prepaid Card Review?

Which Prepaid Card Summary?

What's Good? White Eagle is no longer on the market.
The White Eagle card is the only full branded Maestro card available in the UK.  In addition, It has Chip and Pin and is accepted at more than 24 million locations around the globe. Also, The White Eagle Prepaid cards can be viewed as pay as you go bank accounts. Therefore a prepaid card has the look and feel of a credit or debit card, however, it does not allow

The White Eagle customers to go overdrawn or be forced into credit. The White Eagle card charge no penalties or related interest charges which may accrue from a credit card. Instead, the customer loads on money (from various sources like payroll, bank transfer, or using the Post Office or PayPoint) and then uses it in-store, online, and even to withdraw cash at an ATM where ever the MasterCard® or Maestro® marks are accepted.

So, what is not so good about Eagle Card?
Although a monthly fee charged where there is no fee when making a transaction, there is a charge every time you top the account up which can make the card expensive to run.

White Eagle Prepaid Card Review?

Application Process - 3-star prepaid rating?
The Very efficient application. Apply online and you will receive a confirmation letter the following day. the confirmation letter will contain a barcode where if you haven't paid for your card you can do so at the Post Office. Also, once paid for you will receive your prepaid Maestro in around 3 days.

Design of the card? - 1-star prepaid rating?
Only one card designed and it's not the best, to be honest, so if looks don't matter to you then you will be fine.

White Eagle Credit Card Fees - 2-star card rating?
Some usage fees attached to the card. White Eagle card charges are transparent with no hidden costs.

Card Purchase - Purchase fee. £4.95. This the purchase cost of a single Card. So, (Companion cards added at £4.95 per additional card).

Limits - Minimum amount of initial load. £10.00 - Maximum initial load. £5000.00 - Verified cardholders maximum card balance is £5000.00.

Transaction Fees - Point of Sale payment (UK). - Fee for card transactions from POS terminals in the UK. £0.00. Also, Point of Sale payment (overseas) and Fee for card transactions from POS terminals located outside of the UK. £0.00.

Cash Withdrawal Fees - FX handling fee. The foreign exchange fee charged for all transactions outside of the UK. MasterCard prevailing rate also applies (For the MasterCard rate applicable please use our FX currency converter). 1.50 %

White Eagle Maestro Card

ATM withdrawal (UK). from a machine located in the UK. £0.95 an ATM withdrawal (overseas) from a machine located outside of the UK. £2.00

Top-Up Fees and Limits - Payroll load - The fee charged for a payroll or bank transfer load.£1.00
Paypoint load fee (Max £499). The charge made for a load at any PayPoint terminal. 3.00 %.

Service Fees - Monthly management fee. The fee charged for the monthly management of the card. Also, the fee provides access to all offers and services. Charged after the first month. £3.95

most noteworthy, Replacement Card Fees - Card renewal fee. The fee applied for the renewal of a card. £9.95
Card damaged replacement fee.

Lost/stolen card replacement. - The fee applied when replacing a damaged card. £9.95
The fee charged to replace a lost or stolen card. £9.95 Cancellation fee.
And the charge made for processing the cancellation of a card. £10.00

Self Servicing - 3-star prepaid rating?
Consequently, You can service your online account by using the White Eagle card website. Also, you can call the service number and use the interactive voice response but be careful this can work out expensive. In addition, your online balance will show you the last 3 months transactions and you can change your personal details. Also, you can control how many prepaid cards you have on the account so you can order and manage all cards online.

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