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Virgin Money Travel Credit Card Review - Virgin Money App

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Virgin Travel Money Card

Which Prepaid Card Virgin Money Summary?

What's Good about the Virgin money card?
The Virgin travel card is unlike credit cards, a Virgin Prepaid Travel Money Card application isn't dependent on credit checks or earnings, so if you are over 18 and a UK resident you can apply.Plus as well as sending on your main card you get a free card for use in emergencies. You only need to activate it if you lose your main Virgin Prepaid Visa Card. It's accepted wherever you see the Visa brand mark,

Virgin travel money card review

What's not so good about the travel money card?
Not a lot! But, when you apply for a card Virgin are legally obliged to verify your identity. If Virgin can't confirm your identity Virgin will send you a 'restricted' card. This simply limits the amount you can initially load onto the card to $1,000/€1,000, and the maximum balance you can have on the card at any time is $2,500/€2,500.

Virgin Money Travel Credit Card

Application Process - 5 star prepaid rating?
Well, like most Virgin products, the application process if first class. It's easy to apply and pay for your Virgin Visa card, and it will arrive on the door mat in no time at all. You'll need to choose either a Euro or US Dollar card. The minimum initial payment onto the card is £100 and this can be paid by debit or credit card. The minimum top-up is $100/€50. The debit/credit card needs to be registered to the same address as your travel card.

Virgin Money Card Designs - 3 star prepaid rating?
Only one card design is available, but does it matter? Its red, and it says Virgin on the front. What more could you want.

Virgin Money Travel Credit Card Review

Virgin Money Card Fees - 3 star prepaid rating?
The Virgin Travel money card has a clear set of charges when using the Visa card abroad.

TransactionEuro CardUS Dollar Card
Card application fee
Monthly fee
Fee for a transaction in your card currency
Fee for a transaction not in your card currency
Cash withdrawal in your card currency
Cash withdrawal not in your card currency
3.5% plus €1.50
3.5% plus $2
Topping up your card by debit card
Topping up your card by credit card
Replacement card/additional card (in addition to your free emergency card)

With the Virgin Prepaid Travel Money Card there's no fee for making a transaction in your card's currency. So you won't pay a fee when spending on your Euro card in a country which has the Euro as its currency. And you won't pay a fee for spending on your US Dollar card in any US state. It is worth noting that currency exchanges are still subject to the difference between buying and selling rates which will fluctuate over time.

Self Servicing - 3 star prepaid rating?
You can update your personal details, check your balance, review your recent transactions and add new cardholders, all via the Virgin Money website or mobile app

Virgin Money App

The Virgin Money mobile app is free and will allow you to monitor and manage your account online 24/7

The Virgin travel card app offers the facility to.
• View your Virgin Money balances and all transaction history.
• Virgin travel money card app comes with automatic fraud protection.
• Access anywhere in the world at any time.
• Virgin Money can be downloaded in iTunes and google play.
• Manage your Virgin travel card primary GBP card and any additional cardholders.
• Manage euro and dollar currency cards available through Virgin Money.
• Account Number and Sort Code details for electronic payments and direct debits.
• Activate and Block any cards on your Virgin travel card app.
• Contact Virgin Money instantly with secure message Inbox
• Locate the nearest location to pay in cash

Virgin Money app is available to download for free on google play and iTunes once you have opened a Virgin Travel Money Card .

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