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Virgin Prepaid Card Review - Free Virgin Prepaid App

Published on 2 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Virgin Prepaid Card Review?

Which Prepaid Cards Summary Review?

What's Good? Virgin Pay As You Go Visa Card Review?
So, you can fly Virgin Atlantic, travel on the train with Virgin, or perhaps watch Virgin Media, whilst have a nice bottle of red from Virgin Wines.

Also, you could even pay for all of this on your Virgin credit card! But, if credit cards just aren't your thing. Therefore, You are under 18, or perhaps you have had bad credit in the past. In addition, Virgin now has yet another product for your wallet or purse. The Virgin Prepaid Visa Card.

It’s accepted wherever you see the MasterCard brand mark and can be reloaded with cash for free at the Post Office. It also has one of the lowest monthly fees and gives you loads of discounts off other Virgin products.

Virgin Prepaid Card Review?

What's not so good?
Not a lot! But, watch those reload fees if you intend reloading at PayPoint participating retailers! There is also a 2.95% foreign exchange fee for using your card outside of the UK.

Application Process - 5-star prepaid rating?
Well, like most Virgin products, the application process if first class. It’s easy to apply and pay for your Virgin prepaid card, and it will arrive on the doormat in no time at all.

Card Designs - 3-star prepaid rating?
Only one card design is available, but does it matter? Its red, and it says Virgin on the front. What more could you want?

Fees - 4-star prepaid rating?
The Virgin Prepaid card has one of the lowest monthly fees on offer in the UK today. Also, It also has a competitive ATM withdrawal fee and does not charge you for reloads at the Post Office or via BACS /wage payment.But, do watch the 2.95% foreign exchange rate fees when using your Virgin Prepaid card abroad.

Self Servicing - 4-star prepaid rating?
You can update your personal details, check your balance. Consequently, review your recent transactions and add new cardholders, all via the Virgin Money website.

Virgin Card

The Virgin Prepaid mobile app is free to download once you have purchased a Virgin prepaid card as you will need your account number and email details to open, activate and log in. The mobile app will allow you to monitor and manage your Virgin Prepaid account online 24/7.

The Virgin Prepaid app gives you total control of your money.

• View Virgin Prepaid balances plus all transactional history.
• Virgin Prepaid app instantly comes with automatic fraud protection.
• Access and manage anywhere in the world at any time.
• Virgin Prepaid can be downloaded in google play or iTunes.
• Manage your Virgin Prepaid primary GBP card and secondary cardholders.
• Account Number and Sort Code details for electronic payments and standing orders.
• Activate or block any card instantly ideal if you lose your Virgin Prepaid.
• Contact Virgin Prepaid customer services instantly with secure message Inbox.
• Locate the nearest Virgin Money Top-up location to pay in cash.

Most noteworthy, Virgin Prepaid app is available to download for free on google play and iTunes once you have opened a Virgin Prepaid Card.

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