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Ukash Review - Prepaid Card Review - Travel Money Card

Published on 8 May 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Ukash Review?

UKash Card is now closed and no longer on sale. Your Ukash card will no longer work and it will be declined if you use it. Even though the Ukash card is no longer available you are still entitled to a full refund of any money still on your account. You will need to speak to Ukash customer services on 0808 234 6244 where they will issue you a cheque refund or refund your account if you have registered your bank account with them.

Which Prepaid Review The Ukash Prepaid MasterCard.
Designed to give UK holidaymakers the best value for their pounds this summer, the new Ukash Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard card offers the best possible foreign exchange rate on the market. But it’s not just about a great rate.

Launched to eliminate the bill-shock experienced by holidaymakers who use their credit or debit cards abroad, there are no charges for sign up or transactions or for checking your balance. In fact, apart from if you lose your card and need to order a replacement or close it, the Ukash Travel Money card is fee-free.

Tackling the big bug-bear of many holidaymakers, ATM withdrawals abroad are also completely free of charge with the Ukash Travel Money card – providing you use a fee-free ATM. No longer do you have to worry about paying a service fee and a currency conversion charge when using a debit or credit card to withdraw cash abroad. And that means the Ukash Travel Money card definitively offers the best way to make holiday money go further in Europe and the USA.

Ukash Review?

The Ukash Travel Money card designed to give travellers all the convenience of a credit or debit card. Accepted wherever you see the MasterCard sign – but without the penalties! There are no hidden charges and you won’t face any nasty surprises. For transactions or cash withdrawals when you get back home from your holiday.

You only need to allow five to seven working days to receive your Ukash Travel Money card. The online registration takes a matter of minutes – there are no difficult questions or financial information required. And there isn’t any need for credit checks. So regardless of your credit status, once you upload your funds you will have one of the best ways to buy and spend Euros or US dollars.

Once you’ve received your card, it’s easy to top up online instantly with a debit card – even when you’re travelling. So there’s no need to run out of cash while you’re away. You can load as little as £20 or as much as £2,000 per transaction. And you can go online or get an SMS to check your balance and transactions at any time.

Ukash Prepaid Card

The other bonus of the Ukash Travel Money card. Any money left on the card used for your next trip. Rather than worrying about often costly conversion back to sterling. It will be ready to go for the next excursion, meaning you also won’t be vulnerable to changing exchange rates.

The Ukash Travel Money card is available in Euros or US Dollars and there’s one card per account holder.

Payment innovator, Ukash. Created the Ukash Travel Money card to offer the best possible way to buy. And spend abroad in Euros or US dollars. It has removed all the fees often found in prepaid cards – from sign up to transactions and cash withdrawals. And the Ukash business model means that it can offer one of the lowest exchange rates on the market. Ukash believes there is no better value way to spend abroad.

Ukash Prepaid Card Fees and Charges

Ukash Prepaid MasterCard – Fees & Limits

Euro €USD $
Replacement card fee€9.5$13
Debit card load/top-upFREEFREE
Point of sale transactionFREEFREE
ATM* – withdrawal (International)FREEFREE
ATM – withdrawal (UK)€1.80$2.50
ATM Balance enquiry (UK/International)FREEFREE
SMS Balance enquiryFREEFREE
FX mark-up where a Transaction is performed in a currency different from the currency of the card2.75%2.75%
Customer services telephone enquiriesFREEFREE
Block, unblock - SMS€0.12$0.22
Block, unblock - OnlineFREEFREE
PIN issue/re-issue - SMS or IVRFREE for issue/€0.60 for re-issueFREE for issue/$0.80 for re-issue
Card to Card Transfer€0.40$0.55
Card renewalFREEFREE
Card closure€12$17
Delivery feeFREEFREE
Application feeFREEFREE
Inactivity feeN/AN/A

*Some ATM operators may charge a surcharge

Top-up Limits

GBP equivalent (for both EUR and USD card)
Minimum top up amount per transaction£50
Maximum top-up amount per transaction£2000
Maximum top-up amount per year£15000
Maximum number of top-ups per day2

Other limits

Euro €USD $
Maximum card balance€5,900.00$7,750.00
Purchases – max value per day€5,900.00$7,750.00
ATM Withdrawals - Max value per transaction€350.00$470.00
ATM Withdrawals - Max value per day€350.00$470.00
ATM Withdrawals - Max value per month€1,750.00$2,300.00
ATM Withdrawals - Max number per day33
Card to Card Transfer – Max value per transaction€750.00$1,000.00

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