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Travelex Euro Cash Passport Card

Which Prepaid Card Summary?

Travelex Euro Cash Passport Card What’s good?

With no transaction charges and no monthly payments, the Travelex Cash Passport has its obvious charms. However, it is the less obvious features which distinguish it from the crowd and mark it down as an essential tool when traveling abroad. As an alternative to travellers cheques and carrying large amounts of foreign currency while traveling, the immediate advantages are clear. It can be used at 28 million retail outlets and 900,000 ATM’s worldwide, offering PIN protected security at all times. There is also a potentially useful global emergency assistance option which is available 24/7.

Travelex Euro Cash Passport

What’s not so good Travelex Euro Cash Passport?
It is definitely a good idea to pre-load ALL the currency you need onto the card BEFORE leaving for your destination if possible. With a reloading commission charge of 2%, adding further funds once you arrive on holiday could prove costly. There is also an additional monthly inactivity fee of £2.

Euro Cash Passport Card Design

With a different design for each card, the Travelex Cash Passport Card will have you dreaming of the blue seas and white sands before you even arrive.

Euro Cash Passport Fees

The 2% reload fee is the important one to remember. Aside from that there are no transaction or ATM charges. The maximum you can load onto the card at any one time is £5,000 and the most you can withdraw from an ATM within 24 hours is £500.

Euro Cash Passport Self Servicing
You can service your card on the Cash Passport website as well as via telephone and internet/telephone banking.

Travelex App

The Travelex Cash Passport mobile app is free to download once you have purchased a Travelex Cash Passport card as you will need your account number and email details to open, activate and login. The mobile app will allow you to monitor and manage your Travelex account online 24/7.

The Travelex app gives you total control of your money.

• View Travelex Cash Passport balances plus all transactional history.
• Travelex app instantly comes with automatic fraud protection.
• Access and manage anywhere in the world at any time.
• Travelex Cash Passport can be downloaded in google play or iTunes.
• Manage your Travelex Cash Passport primary Euro card and secondary cardholders.
• Account Number and Sort Code details for electronic payments and standing orders.
• Activate or block any card instantly ideal if you lose your Travelex .
• Contact Travelex customer services instantly with secure message Inbox.
• Locate the nearest Travelex Money Top-up location to pay in cash.

Travelex app is available to download for free on google play and iTunes once you have opened a Travelex Cash Passport Card.

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