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Think Money Review - Thinkmoney Mobile App Account

Published on 22 March 2016 in Multi - Review by Raffick Marday

Think Money

Which Prepaid Card Summary?

Think Money Review What’s good about it?

Accepted in over 1.2 million ATMS and 30 million general locations worldwide, the Think Money bank account card certainly gives you options on a global scale. It also puts you in control, with the popular system of loading money onto the card from your main bank account meaning you do not run the risk of falling into debt.

Think Money Review

In addition when you open an account with Think Money you get access to a team of personal money managers who are their to help you budget and you can manage your account online which is a bonus.

What’s not so good?
The Think Money prepaid card itself carries a £14.50 issue fee and apart from a £0.50 ATM withdrawal fee the only other fee is the straightforward £14.50 monthly management fee.

Card Design - 3 stars prepaid rating?
Think Money card is professional and no nonsense


Fees - 3 stars prepaid rating
Think Money ATM withdrawals abroad are likely to carry a charge as well as being £0.50 in the UK but the majority of other uses are included in the monthly £14.50 account management fee.

ThinkMoney Review

Self Servicing - 3 stars prepaid rating?
You can load money onto your Think Money card using the online service, through Faster payments, BACS and CHAPS. Alternatively you can pay cash or cheques into your account through a Natwest or RBS branch.

Think Money Sort Codes?
ThinkMoney has two sort codes are 16-20-15 or 16-31-30.

Think Money App

The Think Money mobile app is free and will allow you to monitor and manage your account online 24/7

The Think Money app offers the facility to.
• View your Think Money balances and all transaction history.
• Think Money app comes with automatic fraud protection.
• Access anywhere in the world at any time.
• Think Money can be downloaded in iTunes and google play.
• Manage your Think Money primary GBP card and any additional cardholders
• Account Number and Sort Code details for electronic payments and direct debits
• Activate and Block any cards on your Think Money.
• Contact Think Money instantly with secure message Inbox
• Locate the nearest location to pay in cash

Think Money app is available to download for free on google play and iTunes once you have opened a ThinkMoney account.

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