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Tesco Prepaid Card Review - Best PAYG Cards

Published on 23 March 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Tesco Prepaid Review?

Take the Tesco Currency Exchange Card it’s a holiday essential; Consequently from a city break to a family holiday, if you’re heading off abroad the Tesco Prepaid Travel Money Card is a safe and convenient way to pay. So, Just load it up online and off you go. Hence, Here’s why it’s a must for your pre-travel ‘to-do list’...

Why is the Tesco Travel Money Card a smarter way to take money abroad?

  • 0% commission and competitive exchange rates
  • No card application fee
  • More secure than cash, your card is chip and PIN protected
  • More convenient than Travellers’ cheques
  • Added protection against ID fraud and theft
  • US Dollar and Euro versions available
  • Control your holiday spending!

Tesco Prepaid Review

Ways to use the Tesco Travel Money Card?

Forget fumbling with foreign currency or the hassle of cashing in travellers’ cheques. The Tesco Travel Money Card is the easy way to do all this:

  • Pay your bill at a bar or restaurant
  • Pay for extra holiday activities and days out
  • Also, Pay when you fill your hire car with fuel
  • Withdraw cash just as you would with your bank card.

Tesco Pay As You Go?

Plus FREE 2nd emergency card available?
If your holiday money is lost or stolen it can be a real nightmare. When you apply for the Tesco Travel Money Card, you’ll have the option to select a free emergency card. This card can only be in your name. Should the worst happen, we will activate your emergency card when you tell us your main Tesco Travel Money Card has been lost or stolen? This means:

  • You never lose access to your holiday money
  • In addition, You enjoy extra protection against fraud and theft
  • You have extra peace of mind

Please note you will need to carry the emergency card with you but remember to keep it in a safe place, separate from your main card.

Your Tesco Travel Money Card – backed by MasterCard Worldwide?

Smart, safe and convenient... the Tesco Travel Money Card really is a must for any trip abroad. Accepted in over 28 million retail outlets worldwide. Added peace of mind when you’re off on your travels.

Tesco Pay As You Go Credit Cards? Take out a Tesco Travel Money Card and get 100 Club card Points when you top-up currency on your card for the first time. A little extra towards those essentials for your trip – from sun cream to a beach towel! 100 Club card Points will be awarded to your account when you're first top-up your Tesco Prepaid Travel Money Card. Your Club card Points will be shown on your quarterly statement.

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