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Sterling Card Review - Sterling Mobile App

Published on 21 March 2016 in Multi - Review by Raffick Marday

Sterling Prepaid Card

Sterling prepaid cards Reviewed.Sterling prepaid cards are generally used worldwide These cards are not currency restricted and therefore can be used globally.They can be used during holidays or even school in trips and domestic management.The exchange rate is however determined at the particular time when you carry out a transaction. This is centrally to currency specific prepaid cards such as Euro or Dollar prepaid card. In most cases, the exchange rate for other cards is decided when you top up the card rather than the transaction time. In choosing the best sterling prepaid card, you need to check if they offer credit-building services, because these services improve your credit score greatly.

This article is generally on;'Sterling prepaid cards Reviewed.'Examples of the best sterling prepaid cards include;

  • AA Worldwide card,
  • FairFx Anywhere card,
  • ICE Traveller's Cashcard,
  • Revolut and Monzo.

Sterling prepaid cards offer leading exchange rates in the market. There are no fees especially for overseas spending. These prepaid cards are typically managed through smart phone applications and therefore it requires you to download the app so that you can get the card. It takes a week or even two weeks to get some of the Sterling cards.Pros of the Sterling Prepaid Cards.

1.Real-time ability to track your foreign transactions. This means that you can calculate the various transactions costs and you can instantly block the card in case the card is stolen or even lost.
2.The cards offer free overseas spending and free cash withdrawals.

  1. These cards offer a great solution because in most cases, a prepaid card helps you to stick to your budgeting policies.
    4.Another Pro is that these sterling prepaid cards are easy to load and use.
    5.Fraud protection. These cards are pin protected and are not linked to your bank accounts.
    6.The customer enjoys fixed exchange rates. Prepaid cards basically are in three currencies: sterling, US dollars and the euros. The exchange rate is fixed for Euro and the dollar especially during loading. This is an advantage in case you are expecting currency rates to go down.
    7.The sterling prepaid cards generally offer free foreign spending.
    8.Another advantage is that they offer free overseas cash withdrawals.
    9.Lastly prepaid cards can be replaced. Customers should therefore not worry about losing their cards.

Cons of the Sterling Prepaid Cards
1.Prepaid card charges. Commonly applied charges include; application fees, transaction fees, top-up fees, UK cash machine withdrawal fees, overseas withdrawal fees typically up to about 3 pounds.
2.In case you don’t use your card, inactivity charges are always imposed.
3.Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act in the UK does not provide for protection for losses.
4.Another disadvantage of the sterling prepaid cards is that you won’t lock-into a particular rate of exchange when you top up.In conclusion, to open and get a sterling prepaid card account is very easy. You just require your identification documents such as passport or identity card and then you are good to get a prepaid card.

The sterling travel money card can be preloaded ATMs, through text messaging, over the internet, or by calling your service card provider(quoting your debit or details). However, since you can't get credit on the standard prepaid cards, then you will need to regularly confirm your balance and top up whenever necessary so that you don't run out of cash at a particular or awkward moment.

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