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Splash Plastic Card Review - Best Prepaid Credit Cards

Published on 2 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Splash Plastic Prepaid Card Review?

What Prepaid Cards Summary Review?

Splash Plastic prepaid card review?
Splash Plastic was the UK’s first and original prepaid card and has been around since 2001. However, it’s recently undergone a number of changes. It’s now Maestro branded, so acceptance has increased to around 9 million locations around the world. Its also accepted at ATM’s around the world displaying the Cirrus or Maestro brand mark.

What's Good about Splash Plastic?
No credit check or bank account is required. 100% approval of all applicants above the age of 10 (Below 14 need parental consent). Splash Plastic’s Maestro badge means that not charged to load funds back onto the card from gambling and gaming websites; a fantastic bonus for those of you who use the web to have a flutter.

Great account alerts function allows you to keep up to date with your top-ups and balance. You can top up from your wages for free, all you have to do is sign the personalised form you receive with your card.

Unlike most other prepaid cards, where you can only add one additional cardholder, Splash allows up to 4 additional cards to add. This great news for users wishing to share money overseas and means that 4 family members could all have an additional card, even if they do not live in the UK.

Splash Plastic Prepaid Card Review?

Splash Plastic Prepaid Card What's not so good?
Fees! You will be subjected to reload and usage fees, which will soon add up, so do your sums before you apply.

Prepaid Card Type - 3-star prepaid rating
Splash plastic Maestro branded and therefore accepted at around 9 million retailers and ATM’s around the globe. But remember, Maestro does not have the same level of acceptance as MasterCard. Therefore, you may have issues using the card outside of the UK (particularly outside Europe). Many Internet retailers (again, particularly that outside of the UK) will also not accept Maestro.

Splash Plastic Prepaid Card Application Process - 4-star prepaid rating.
The Splash Plastic application process is quick and easy to use. Apply online and you can pay for your card with a debit or credit card, SMS text message or with a 360money e-voucher available from PayPoint participating retailers.

Splash Plastic card Design - 3-star prepaid rating.
2 colours are available, so you can't go wrong!

Card Fees - 3-star prepaid rating.
One product is on offer, and whilst it does not have a monthly fee, it does have reload and usage fees. If you just looking for a pay as you go card for emergencies or a card that will use infrequently then Splash a good option. However, if you are looking to use the card frequently. The usage fees will add up, and they're much more cost-effective fully badged MasterCard branded cards out there.

Splash Plastic

This is, in some way, offset by the Splash cash back program. And if you intend to regularly use retailers under this program. Therefore, then the Splash card looks much more attractive and would be hard to beat. But if not, it would be advisable to compare Splash with other prepaid cards. Also, to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Self Servicing - 4-star prepaid rating.
You can service your account on the Splash Plastic website or via an interactive voice response. In addition, you can view your balance, recent transactions and change your personal details. New services unveiled in Spring 2008 allow you to set up text alerts. Therefore, you program your account to automatically text you when your top-ups applied. And when your balance falls below a certain level. SMS balance inquiries are also available, and the whole service is currently FREE.

Splash Plastic Re-load Locations - 5-star prepaid rating.
The Splash Plastic card reloaded and topped-up at the following locations. Post Office, PayPoint participating retailers, online debit and credit card or wages/BACS payments.

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