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Speed-E-Card Review - Prepayment Prepaid Debit Card

Published on 4 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Speed-E-Card Review?

What Prepaid Card Summary Review?
Date Reviewed: March 2011

What's Good?
The speed-e-card is the same convenience as a debit card with a limit - you can only spend up to the balance in your speed-e-card account. As the prepaid card is backed by which provides short-term loans until payday. Speed-e-loans are fast and efficient and completely online. If Speed-e-loans approve you, the money can be in your bank in two hours. Speed-e-loans have been around since 1999.

What's not so good?
Although a monthly fee is charged there is also an additional charge per transaction which can work out very expensive to run.

Card Application Process - 5-star prepaid rating.
Very efficient application process. Apply online and you will receive a confirmation letter the following day. This letter contains a bar code enabling you to make an initial top-up at the Paypoint. You then receive your prepaid MasterCard in around 7 days.

Speed-E-Card Review

Design - 2-star prepaid rating.
New speed e-card choice of cards, choose either black or a white prepaid card.

Card Fees - 4-star prepaid rating.
There are some usage fees attached to the card. speed-e-card charges are transparent with no hidden costs. Tariff of charges for speed-e-card prepaid MasterCard.
New speed-e-card (black or white card) - Purchase fee. £7.95
Limits - Minimum amount of initial load. £10.00 - Maximum initial load. £3,000 and Verified cardholders maximum card balance is £3,000.

  • Each comes with a free e-money account.
  • You can load your salary and manage bills online.
  • Each cardholder has their own login and can view and print statements FREE
  • The current maximum balance on a speed-e-card prepaid MasterCard is £3,000
  • If you want to have a second card on the account, you can apply for one when you make your application, or add a second card to your account portal at a later date
    • plus 3% of transaction value £9.95 fee

Self Servicing - 3-star prepaid rating
Consequently, You can service your account on the speed-e-card website or via an interactive voice response. So, You can view your balance, last 60 days transactions and change your personal details.

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