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Prime Prepaid Card - Instant Prepaid MasterCard Review

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Prime Prepaid Card

Prepaid’s the future By TIM HEMING -

ITD Prime Prepaid card is the UK’s first prepaid, instant issue MasterCard has been launched to fight the credit and debit card fraudsters.

Prime Card

The Prime Card, from IDT Finance, could be the future of plastic purchase and prevent a repeat of TK Maxx heist scare that affected 45million.

It can be bought over-the-counter at thousands of local high-street convenience stores displaying the PayPoint and e-pay signs.

Prime Prepaid Card Review

There is no need for the purchaser to fill in any forms or show any ID and it can be used wherever the MasterCard acceptance mark is displayed. That is over 24.8 million outlets worldwide - including online.

Prime Prepaid Cards

The Prime Card is deliberately not linked in any way to a customer's existing banking services which means once the purchase is made anyone stealing their card details online will only have access to an empty, disposed card.

The card is available over the counter in amounts from £10 to £150, but the catch is it does cost £3 for every time.

Prime Prepaid App

The Virgin Prepaid mobile app is free to download once you have purchased a Virgin prepaid card as you will need your account number and email details to open, activate and login. The mobile app will allow you to monitor and manage your Virgin Prepaid account online 24/7.

The Virgin Prepaid app gives you total control of your money.

• View balances plus all transactional history.
• Prime app instantly comes with automatic fraud protection.
• Access and manage anywhere in the world at any time.
• Prime Prepaid card can be downloaded in google play or iTunes.
• Manage your Prime Prepaid primary GBP card and secondary cardholders.
• Account Number and Sort Code details for electronic payments.
• Activate or block any card instantly ideal if you lose your Prime Prepaid.
• Contact Prime Prepaid customer services instantly with secure message Inbox.
• Locate the nearest Prime Money Top-up location to pay in cash.

Prime card review

Prime app is available to download for free on google play and iTunes once you have opened a Prime Prepaid Card.

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