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Phones 4 U Prepaid Card - Compare EE Prepaid Credit Cards

Published on 3 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Phones 4 U Prepaid Card Review?
What Prepaid Cards Summary Review?

Date Reviewed: December 2010

Whats Good? Phones 4 U Prepaid Cards.

An Escape Card is provided by Phones 4 U which is a Prepaid MasterCard that comes with chip and pin facilities. The Phones4u prepaid card was launched for the UK market. Since the launch is the only prepaid credit card that is matching the popularity of the UK's leading prepaid card which is Cashplus.

The Phones4u prepaid debit card is MasterCard branded so you can use to withdraw cash from any ATM for a small transaction fee, but be careful as some independent ATM providers may charge you an extra fee. The Phones4u charges No monthly fees and No Transaction fees when using your card in the UK. You have the facility to get a cash advance when buying goods but this is an additional fee.

What's Good?

  • The Escape Prepaid MasterCard comes with all the benefits from MasterCard such as chip and pin and ability to use at over 30 million locations worldwide.

  • Unlike Maestro-branded cards which are more for under 18's, you can make purchases on a gambling website and over 18's adult sites globally wherever the MasterCard Acceptance sign.

  • UK ATM withdrawal prepaid cards fees are just 99p per withdrawal.

  • Guaranteed acceptance and no credit check so your credit history not taken in to account.

What's not so good?

  • Poor customer service is the main issue with this card which lets the product down.

Prepaid Card Type
2-star prepaid rating
The Escape card  MasterCard branded.

Phones 4 U Prepaid Card Review

Application Process - 2-star prepaid rating
The Escape Prepaid card application process is easy to complete and easy to use. The application process in online where once completed you need to pay the Escape Prepaid card application fee either by debit card or credit card. There is the ability to pay by SMS text message. If these options are not available to you the option is to go to any Phones4U store and pay at any till point.

Card Design - 3-star prepaid rating
Escape Prepaid card comes in one design which is not too embarrassing.

Fees - 4-star prepaid rating
The Escape card application fee is £4.99. But you need to make an initial payment of £9.99. Where the card payment is taken off and the remaining £5.00 is credited back to your account. Once you have loaded £100 on more in the first 90 days. If not the £5.00 retained to cover admin and card costs.

Self Servicing - 4-star prepaid rating.
As the customer service is quite poor you are best to manage your account via the prepaid card online service Phones 4 U telephone service is an interactive voice response.

Re-load Locations - 5-star prepaid rating.
Reload your Phones 4 U card at the following locations: Any Phones 4 U Branch, over 14,500 Post Office branches (99p fee), over 19,500 PayPoint locations (3% fee), Debit/credit card and at bank branches across the UK. You can also set up a BACS transfer for free.

Customer satisfaction and awards.
The escape Prepaid MasterCard blog has over 800 customer reviews available to show what customers think of the card.

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