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Buy Payzone Prepaid Card - Review Payzone Card

Published on 30 March 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Payzone Prepaid Card Review?

What’s good about Payzone Prepaid Card?

The Payzone prepaid MasterCard used in over 25 million locations worldwide, First of all at over 1 million ATM’s in 210 different countries. In addition, the total spending limit on the card of £1,700 per year may not suit everyone
But perfectly suited for customers who looking to control their spending in a clear and stable framework. Also, it gives you all the same benefits of a regular MasterCard and an exciting addition to the prepaid card circuit.

What’s not so good about Payzone Prepaid Card?
The most frustrating element associated with the card is that re-loading can ONLY be done via one of the 15,000 Payzone agents in the UK. Therefore, this restricts your options as a client and will be enough to put a lot of people off the card.

Payzone Prepaid Card Design?
Standard card design, very little to mark it out from its rivals on the design front.

Payzone Prepaid Card Fees?
There are no transaction fees or monthly charges, which a very positive feature of the card when viewed in comparison with some of its rivals. Worth noting, however, that should your card inactive for over 2 months you will charge a fee of £2 for each additional month that passes.
This seems a strange and slightly petty extra charge. So, there is also a £5 application fee and £1.50 UK ATM withdrawal fee to take note of.

Payzone Prepaid Card Review?

Payzone Prepaid Card Self Servicing?
As mentioned above, you can only top up using Payzone outlets and this is potentially a major drawback if there is not one close to hand.

The Payzone Prepaid mobile app is free to download once you have purchased a Payzone prepaid card as you will need your account number and email details to open, activate and log in. The mobile app will allow you to monitor and manage your Payzone Prepaid account online 24/7.

Payzone App

The Payzone app gives you total control of your money.

• View Payzone Prepaid balances plus all transactional history.
• The Payzone app instantly comes with automatic fraud protection.
• Access and manage anywhere in the world at any time.
• Payzone Prepaid downloaded in google play or iTunes.
• Manage your Payzone Prepaid primary GBP card and secondary cardholders.
• Account Number and Sort Code details for electronic payments and standing orders.
• Activate or block any card instantly ideal if you lose your Payzone Prepaid.
• Contact Payzone Prepaid customer services instantly with secure message Inbox.
• Locate the nearest Payzone Top-up location to pay in cash.

Consequently, Payzone app available to download for free on google play and iTunes. So, once you have opened a Payzone Prepaid Card.

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