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OhTV Prepaid Card

What’s good?

You can only spend what you load with the OhTv prepaid MasterCard, this regulates against overspending and running into excessive charges. The card appears to be designed for people who have a clear budget in mind and do not want the chance to exceed it, a type of financial safety net. It is also potentially ideal for parents who are looking to support their child at university in a controlled and balanced manner.

OhTV Prepaid Card Review

What’s not so good?

Frustratingly, there is both a monthly and an ATM withdrawal charge which detract from the idea of the card being hassle free

OhTV Card Design?

The bold card design will immediately appeal to a ‘younger’ audience

OhTV card Fees?

The ATM withdrawal charge of £1.75 in the UK and £2.50 abroad is noteworthy. As is the £1.50 monthly management fee. There are also minimal but frustrating charges of £1 when topping up the card by BACS or Post Office.

OhTV prepaid card Self Servicing?

Funds can be loaded onto the card online, over the phone, at selected retail outlets and from your bank account. You can also top up using BACS of the Post Office, but remember that will incur a £1 charge.

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