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O2 Prepaid Card is a O2 Load & Go Card Review

Published on 29 March 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

O2 Load & Go Card Review?

What’s good?

The O2 load & go prepaid card works in a similar fashion to the O2 cash manager card, but on a smaller scale. With the load & go card, you can top up to a maximum of £1,800 per year at over 20,000 locations throughout the UK. It is clearly aimed at a younger audience than most prepaid cards: anybody from 13 years and over can get their hands on one. It can be used at over 14 million locations worldwide and can be a useful introduction to financial management for a younger audience.

O2 Card? What’s not so good? - 2 stars prepaid rating

The card is ONLY available to O2 customers, which obviously caters to a very specific customer demographic. Also not the ideal card to use abroad as the freedom from charges waived once you depart UK shores.

O2 Load & Go Card Review?

O2 Prepaid Card Design? - 2 stars prepaid rating

The sleek and fun design works perfectly for the younger audience whom the card aimed at.

O2 Prepaid Card Fees? - 3 stars prepaid rating

There are no reloading, monthly, ATM or transaction fees within the UK which makes it quite an attractive proposition. However, a foreign exchange fee incurred ON TOP of the 2.75% foreign transaction and foreign ATM withdrawal fee.

O2 Prepaid Card Self Servicing? - 3 stars prepaid rating

You can add cash to the card either in O2 shops, via PayPoint or e-pay.

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