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Acorn Prepaid Card Review - Lloyds Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 28 March 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Acorn prepaid card review

What’s good?

In February 2009, Lloyds launched the Acorn prepaid MasterCard principally to enable agencies to pay their temporary unbanked staff in the same way as banked staff. The card allows employees to gain instant access to their wages as well as enjoying the various other features of a flexible. And a versatile card that used at millions of outlets and ATM’s worldwide. In addition, the cardholder can set up standing orders, load additional funds from over 19,000 PayPoint outlets and have full access to a range of SMS and online services.

Lloyds prepaid card? What’s not so good?

The card is a very specialist service in the sense that it is only available to all existing Silver Account customers. If not a Silver Account holder already there may be a more suitable prepaid card options available to you.

Acorn prepaid card

Acorn prepaid Card Design?

Slick and contemporary

Acorn prepaid card Fees?

Various fees and charges will apply for the purposes of re-loading and use the card abroad. For both ATM withdrawals and transaction charges. As with the majority of prepaid cards. You prepared for the charges to rise steadily as soon as you leave the UK.

Acorn prepaid card Self-servicing?

You can reload the card easily using Lloyds’ online service as well as from over 19,000 Paypoint outlets.

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