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lastminute Prepaid Credit Card Review - PAYG Gift Card

Published on 3 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Lastminute gift card Review

What Prepaid Card Summary Review. Please note, this prepaid card is no longer available!

Date Reviewed: May 2008

Whats Good? last minute Prepaid Card Review

The prepaid card has an application fee of just £6.99. Or if wish to design your own prepaid card when the card package will cost £11.99 for a custom design. In addition, the prepaid card offers no monthly fee. for all applicants over 18. The offer a Chip & PIN facility where the card runs on the Maestro network. Which can be used at over 18 million locations worldwide. Consequently, the offers no reload fees. Which can be made either online using a credit card or debit card or using cash at any PayPoint locations.

What's not so good about

Be careful as the transaction charges could run up a massive bill. When you use your prepaid card in the UK and especially overseas. Charged a 2.75% transaction fee on all UK transactions, or a 2.75% foreign exchange fee for all transactions made abroad.

Lastminute prepaid card

Application Process - 4-star prepaid rating offer an easy to use and fast online application process, Also, Once you complete the application process you will need to pay the fee by debit card or credit card. Once you have made your application, the card arrives quickly (7-10 days).

Card Designs - 3-star prepaid rating

Hence, There are 2 standard card designs available, which are sure to stand-out in your wallet or purse.If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can customise your card with a picture of your choice which will only cost you £11.99

Fees - 4-star prepaid rating

Prepaid card has no monthly fee
There is a transaction fee of 2.75% on each transaction in the UK
There is a transaction fee for using your card abroad 2.75% on each transaction foreign exchange fee
Top-up is free to reload
Will also charge a £1.50 fee for ATM cash withdraws.

Self Servicing - 4-star prepaid rating operate an online service. Where you can manage your prepaid card account 24 hours a day. In addition the account self-servicing options including Order replacement card. Order replacement PIN, Update your details.  Send an email question to customer services Dispute a transaction. View all of your transactions, Top up your account. Report your card lost or stolen.

The card issued by Newcastle Building Society and operated by first prepay.

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