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The Kube Prepaid Card - Visa Prepaid Credit Cards

Published on 29 March 2016 in Multi - Review by Raffick Marday

The Kube Prepaid Card

What’s good?

The Kube prepaid MasterCard follows the similar mould of a great many prepaid cards on the current market in the sense of offering financial freedom and choice within a disciplined framework. The card can be used for a variety of purposes including shopping online, over the phone, by mail order or in any shop that has the MasterCard acceptance mark. However, due to the fact that funds must be preloaded onto the card, there is no danger of getting overdrawn. Accepted in over 25 million locations and over 1 million ATM’s worldwide, there is a lot to like about the choices the Kube card offers.

The Kube Prepaid MasterCard

What’s not so good?

There is a rather frustrating amount of fees that run alongside the various features of the card that detract from its appeal. Services fees, top up fees, transaction fees and cash withdrawal fees of varying degrees should be closely studied before deciding if the Kube card is for you. See below for further details.

Kube Card Design?

Contemporary and bold

Kube card Fees?

As mentioned above, the varying fees that exist with this card merit close attention from the outset. The accompanying transaction and cash withdrawal fees are not too costly, it’s more the sheer amount of fees that are frustrating. UK cash withdrawals will cost you £1.25 each time and there is a 0.25p per UK purchase charge. When abroad it rises to £2.00 for ATM withdrawals and 2% of the transaction value for each international purchase. Further charges include a £14.95 card issue fee and the £2.99 monthly management charge.

Kube card Self servicing?

You can load funds onto your card easily using PayPoint, BACS transfers and at selected retail outlets. It is worth noting though that various loading charges are likely to apply each time depending on what method you use.

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