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Kalixa Prepaid Card Review - Instant ATM Cash Card

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Kalixa Prepaid Card Review

What Prepaid Card Review Summary?

What's Good about Kalixa?

The Kalixa prepaid card is the only contactless prepaid card on the market which is fully MasterCard branded, The Kalixa card is Chip and Pin and you don't need a bank account and are guaranteed to be accepted, regardless of your credit history. Kalixa have grown in strength every year and are now one of the largest European prepaid card providers.

Kalixa Card Review

What's not so good about Kalixa?

Using your Kalixa prepaid card only for ATM cash withdrawals will work out expensive.

Application Process - 5 stars prepaid rating

Kalixa offer an easy to use and fast online application process, Once you complete the application process you will need to pay the fee by debit card or credit card. Once you have made your application, the card arrives quickly (7-10 days).

Card Design - 3 stars prepaid rating

one Kalixa card design is available which is aimed at the mid market but still it’s a decent enough design.

Fees - 3 stars prepaid rating

  • Kalixa prepaid card has no monthly fee
  • There are no transaction fees when used in the UK
  • Top-up fees part depending on top up outlet

Self Servicing - 3 stars prepaid rating

Kalixa operate an online prepaid card account service where you can manage your account 24 hours a day, where the account self servicing options including: Order replacement card, Order replacement PIN, Update your details, Send an email question to customer services Dispute a transaction, View all of your transactions up to the last 60 days transactions and change your personal details, Top up your account, Report your card lost or stolen. Date Reviewed: March 2011

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