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Indigo Platinum Prepaid MasterCard Review

Published on 31 March 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Indigo prepaid Card Review

What’s good?

As with a lot of its contemporaries, the Indigo prepaid card carries only the amount which has been loaded onto it by you. This particular card comes into its own when used abroad though, specifically in relation to interest rates. The unique nature of the card means you can receive favourable exchange rates. When using it in comparison to the ones you would be likely to get at airports, bureaux de changes and banks. The secure nature of the loading process also means you CANNOT overdraw when using the card.

Prepaid Card, What’s not so good?

It is only available in Euros and Dollars at the moment which. Although accounting for a large number of holiday destinations, cannot account for all of them. There is also the obligatory ATM charge when used abroad.

Indigo prepaid Card Review

Indigo Platinum Card Design?

Modern but unremarkable really - the cards best features are more internal than external

Card Fees?
The main fees to take note of are the 1.50Euro charge per ATM withdrawal when abroad. Aside from that, there very little to put you off as a customer.

Platinum card Self Servicing?
You can load funds on to the card easily using the Indigo website, where you will find details of all the loading options available.

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