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gap year prepaid travel card - Get Gapyear Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 7 April 2016 in Multi - Review by Raffick Marday

Gapyear Prepaid Card

GapYear launch a new prepaid travel card by Rupi Gohlar – MEDIAWEEK. A new pre-paid card called Gap Year for students embarking on a travel expedition is being launched later this month.

Gapyear Prepaid MasterCard

Advanced Payment Solutions (APS) and have formed a partnership to launch the GapYear cashplus MasterCard.

The chip and PIN card will be promoted as an alternative to carrying excess cash or traveller’s cheques and can be used a 1 million cash machines and 24 million retailers across the globe.

Following the success of a pilot run at a travel trade show last month, the GapYear card will be supported by an online advertising and marketing campaign that will use the strap line “One card no hassle”.

APS chief executive Rich Wagner says the marketing strategy will focus on two areas. “We’re looking for the acquisition of customers and searching for partners in the travel industry to form further alliances with.”

He adds that the company’s ultimate goal will be to sell the cards in retail outlets as well as the GapYear website. The card offers student discounts, travel planning support with and consumer purchase protection.

Issued by Broadcastle Bank, the card will provide reload options via online banking and at 14,000 locations in the UK.

APS says cardholders do not have to worry about their finances at home when travelling, as the card is not linked to their main bank account.

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