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The Extreme Credit Maestro Prepaid card Review

Published on 25 March 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Extreme Cred Maestro Prepaid Card Review

What Prepaid Cards Summary Review?

Date Reviewed: September 2006

What's Good? The Extreme Cred Maestro Prepaid Card Review

What Prepaid's choice for under 18’s

The Extreme Cred prepaid card is available to teens over the age of 13 and is a fully loaded Chip and PIN card. It runs on the MasterCard Maestro network and is accepted at over 7 million locations around the globe. It offers a number of top-up locations, including the Post Office and Paypoint.

Extreme Cred Maestro card. What's not so good?

If you intend to frequently top-up the card online using a debit or credit card, high reload fees can make this card more expensive than others available on the market.

Extreme Cred Maestro Prepaid card

Application Process - 3-star prepaid rating
Very quick application process. You do require a debit or credit card to initially purchase an Extreme Cred prepaid card, however, unlike other prepaid cards available to under 18’s, you can make future top-ups using cash at the Post Office or at Paypoint terminals.

Card Design - 4-star prepaid rating
A single card design, but available in some wild colours. Well, it is an Extreme card!

Fees - 3-star prepaid rating
The Extreme Cred prepaid card fares better than other Maestro cards on the market. There still reload fees, which make the card expensive if reloaded often, however, it reasonably cost effective to reload at the Post Office.

Self Servicing - 3-star prepaid rating
You can service your account on the Extreme Cred website. In addition, You can view your balance, recent transactions and change your personal details. You can also order additional cards for any persons over the age of 13

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