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Entropay Prepaid Card Review

Published on 29 March 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Entropay Prepaid Card Review

What’s good?

There are two card options with the Entropay service, a prepaid Virtual Visa Card and a prepaid MasterCard. The Entropay prepaid MasterCard service gives you access to your funds at the multitude of different places that MasterCard is accepted throughout the world, including almost one million ATM’s. The virtual Visa card allows you to avail of the many Visa options that also exist on a global scale. The Chip and Pin technology with both cards is also a terrific device for protecting you from potential fraud.

What’s not so good?

Both cards are only available to exist Entropay customers. Although opening an Entropay account is free and relatively straightforward, it does take away slightly from the overall customer experience where the prepaid card is concerned.

Entropay Prepaid Card

Card Design

Both card designs are quite quirky and unique. They certainly stand out from the majority of prepaid cards on the current market.


There is a 2% transaction charge on foreign purchases and a £4.99 card issue fee. Aside from that, the charges are quite reasonable and the initial opening of an Entropay account is free. The same fees apply for both the virtual Visa card and the prepaid Master Card


Consequently, Entropay’s bank transfer service allows you to use money from your personal bank account. To fund your Entropay account, allowing you to pay in cash. It also gives you the option of withdrawing funds from your Virtual Visa card and deposits it into your personal bank account. If you choose to upgrade to the Entropay prepaid MasterCard. You can then transfer funds between both cards easily. Although there is a 10p charge when doing so.

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