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Dolphin Prepaid Credit Card Review - Online eccount

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Dolphin Prepaid Card

What’s good?

The Dolphin prepaid MasterCard offers a level of choice and financial security that compares favourably with a number of the prepaid cards currently on the market. The chip and pin technology offers re-assurance when using your card in the 30 million locations worldwide that MasterCard is accepted. It also gives you the confidence to make purchases by phone, mail or online. You also have the option to choose a flat £4.99 monthly fee or go on a Dolphin Pay As You Go tariff. That decision really depends on how much you plan to use the card but there are not a great deal of Dolphin prepaid cards that come with that option at the moment.

Dolphin Prepaid Credit Card

What’s not so good?

As with an increasing number of Dolphin prepaid cards there is a number of accompanying fees which come with the Dolphin MasterCard. This is particularly true if choosing to go with the PAYG tariff, but the £9.95 card purchase fee applies regardless of which tariff option you side with.

Dolphin Card Design

The Dolphin card design is innovative and stylish, an attractive addition to the prepaid market.

Dolphin card Fees

The impact of the fees differs greatly depending on which tariff option you choose. For your £4.99 pay monthly option you get free and unlimited purchase transactions both in the UK and abroad. You also pay just 50p for UK ATM withdrawals and £2.50 abroad. The Dolphin PAYG tariff means you will be facing a 2.95% charge on purchases both at home and abroad, which could equate to a maximum charge of £1.50. You will also be looking at a minimum of 99p for UK ATM withdrawals and a £2.50 charge when abroad.

Dolphin card Self Servicing

You can top up you Dolphin prepaid card via bank transfer, at your high street bank, via PayPoint or at the Post Office. Both banking options are preferable as the Post Office and PayPoint will charge you.

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