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Published on 6 May 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

The Daily Telegraph Prepaid Card Review?

By Faith Archer - The Daily Telegraph Prepaid Card

Pre-pay may be the best way when moving money overseas. A new breed of a plastic card can ease the pain of foreign purchases, but at a price, discovers Faith Archer.

Transferring money overseas has become easier and safer with the new generation of travel pre-paid cards - although the convenience comes at a cost.

While such cards are a boon to owners of second homes overseas, critics point out they may also help international criminals and tax evaders to export their ill-gotten gains.

Daily Telegraph Prepaid Card providers include American Express, the Post Office, Travelex and the Western Union. All offer them as an alternative method of taking money abroad, instead of using cash, travellers' cheques, credit or debit cards.

The Daily Telegraph Card where you start by loading money on to the Daily Telegraph card in a branch, by phone or over the internet.

As the Daily Telegraph cards are issued under a MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron or Amex badge, they can be used like a normal credit or debit cards to make purchases or withdraw cash.

The Daily Telegraph Prepaid Card Review?

The main difference is that you cannot run up debts.

Robert Kenley, from price comparison site, said: "For budget-conscious travellers, there is the additional advantage that it is impossible to take out more money than you have put on the card. For the security and budget-minded traveller, pre-paid cards can prove a useful option."

The new Daily Telegraph cards have a personal identification number (Pin). If your card lost or stolen. You get your remaining balance transferred across to a new account, and you will receive a replacement card. As the cards carry no personal information. In addition, you also avoid the risk of identity theft.

Telegraph Card

Rachel Thrussell, from independent statisticians, said: "Fast replacement guaranteed, in much the same way as travellers' cheques. As the cards are operated through cash machines. Travellers do not have the hassle and worry of carrying around their passport. Or having to remember to record the travellers' cheque numbers as they spend."

Daily Telegraph Prepaid cards also used to transfer money to someone abroad. If you request an additional card to send to someone overseas.

Once you have loaded up the Daily Telegraph card with cash in the UK. The additional cardholder can then make withdrawals abroad in the local currency. This could prove useful for families who need to help out penniless gap-year teenagers.

Although you pay cash machine charges and foreign transaction fees. A pre-paid card may still be cheaper than a money transfer.
Daily Telegraph Money Card, for example, Western Union would charge £37 for a £500 money transfer into euros. If you used a Post Office Euro Travel Money Card. It would cost a total of £25.75 including the one-off £10 to buy the card. Plus the 2.75pc foreign markup fees and £2 cash machine fee. According to calculations by comparison site

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