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Club 18-30 Prepaid Credit Cards - Visa Prepaid Card

Published on 4 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Club 18-30 Prepaid Card Review?

What Prepaid Card Summary Review?

What's Good? Club 18-30 prepaid card?
If an image is your thing, then this is the card for you! But the new Club 18-30 prepaid card is not just a pretty face – as well as some funky card design options, it’s also pretty good value for money too, with no monthly fee and no mark up on foreign transactions, making it an excellent choice for use abroad.
The Club 18-30 card has Chip & PIN and runs on the Maestro network, which means you can use it at around 7 million locations worldwide. The card can be topped up online with a credit or debit card or using cash at one of 15,000 PayPoint locations around the UK.

What's not so good?

  • Reloads will cost you up to 3% each time regardless of the method you choose, so frequent tops ups could work out expensive.

  • Club 18-30 Prepaid Card Application Process - 4 Star Prepaid Card Rating

  • Easy to use online application process, however, a debit or credit card required in order to purchase your card. Your card will then take up to 21 days to arrive.

Club 18-30 Prepaid Card Review

18-30 Prepaid Card Designs? - 5 Star Prepaid Card Rating
With the option to customise your card with a picture of your choice, the possibilities are endless! The card designer tool is simple and fun to use. Personalising your card will cost you £14.95, but there are also two standard card design options available for £8.95.

Club 18-30 Prepaid Card Fees? - 4 Star Prepaid Card Rating
With no foreign transaction fee, this card is great for use abroad. There is also no fee for UK transactions, so it’s great for frequent users, however, reload fees are up to 3% depending on the amount.

Club 18-30 Prepaid Card Self Servicing? - 4 Star Prepaid Card Rating
Comprehensive website self-servicing options including Order replacement card, Order replacement PIN, Update your details, Send an email question to customer services Dispute a transaction, View all of your transactions, Top up your account, Report your card lost or stolen. You can also contact the Club 18-30 prepaid card customer services by telephone, however, at £0.80 per minute, you may want to keep any calls short and sweet!

The card issued by Newcastle Building Society and operated by first prepay. Date Reviewed: March 2007.

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