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CaxtonFX Dollar Card Exchange Rate - Caxton FX Prepaid Dollar Cards

Published on 6 April 2016 in Multi - Review by Raffick Marday

CaxtonFX Dollar Card

With the pound still near the magic two-dollar mark, the launch of the CaxtonFX Dollar Card couldn’t be timelier. This revolutionary prepaid card allows spenders to pre-buy dollars, free of charge, at the strongest exchange rate which is frozen when the funds are loaded. Unlike others, there are no fees incurred from banks and bureau de changes worldwide and the card is accepted anywhere with the CaxtonFX Dollar Card MasterCard® logo.

This week is the busiest for travel agents, with more than 500,000 Brits booking a holiday overseas this Monday*. To avoid unaffordable borrowing during the ‘Credit Crunch,’ travellers to the States can use Caxtonfx’s Dollar Card to spend on added security and take advantage of the currency’s shrinking value. For the first time, shoppers can benefit from the best exchange rate being frozen at the time of loading.

The CaxtonFX Dollar Card is free and there are no conversion or transaction fees abroad. CaxtonFX Dollar Cardholders have better cost control and, combined with the New Year sales, can save as much money as the trip itself costs.

CaxtonFX Dollar Card Review

The prepaid MasterCard can simply be applied for online from the 11th of January and loaded free of charge with up to £5000 worth of spending money, which is top up in dollars and use like a normal credit card. A prepaid card also known as a currency card or travel money card can be preloaded in sterling or the currency of your choice anywhere in the world. Top up facilities include telephone banking, online banking and top up by SMS.

CaxtonFX Dollar Card spokesman says “We’re excited to offer a genuine difference in the exchange rate with the ability to offer more on a currency exchange leading to holiday expenses at a reduced rate. Where all those savvy travellers will relish in this ‘new’ currency app.”

Check daily foreign exchange rates, your total balance and ability to top up credit at CaxtonFX Dollar Card

About CaxtonFX Dollar Card

Caxtonfx is a prepaid card company based in London offering a number of advantages associated with the use of Caxtonfx prepaid credit cards. The Caxtonfx cardholder can easily control allowance and the personal expenses. The application process of these Caxtonfx prepaid cards is relatively simple as a result of which it has gained all the more popular. You will never go overboard on expenses since you are aware of the maximum limit which you can bear. The use of this kind of CaxtonFX Dollar Card ensures that you are relieved from embarrassments in restaurants, stores and shops.

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