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Cashplus PAYG Credit Card is a Pay As You Go Card

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Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Card

What Prepaid Card Summary Review?

What's Good ? Cashplus Pay As You Go Card Review

The Cashplus PAYG card is the only full branded MasterCard available in the UK. It has Chip and Pin, and is accepted at more than 28 million locations around the globe. You don't need a bank account and are guaranteed to be accepted, regardless of your credit history. You can manage your Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Card account online and top-up your account at more than 14,000 Post Office branches.

What's not so good?

If you intend to use the Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Card frequently for ATM cash withdrawals, it can be expensive. There are two products on offer. One for frequent users and one for low use users, however, cash advances fees remain the same for each product.

Application Process - 5 star prepaid rating

Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Card is very efficient application process, the fastest we have tested. Apply online and you will receive a confirmation letter the following day. This letter contains a barcode enabling you to make an initial top-up at the Post Office. You then receive your prepaid MasterCard in around 3 days.

Cashplus PAYG Card Design - 4 star prepaid rating
If Cashplus PAYG card design choice is important to you, you may be disappointed. Only one choice of design is available.

Fees - 4 star prepaid rating
Two products are available. A pay as you go prepaid product called “Cashplus PAYF flexiplus”, which is good for occasional users and is a pay as you go card, and a product called “activeplus” which is good for frequent users. Activeplus has a monthly fee, but no reload fees, so is still cheap for frequent card users. Cash advances can still be expensive though.

Cashplus PAYG Self Servicing - 3 star prepaid rating

You can service your account on the Cashplus PAYG card website or via an interactive voice response. You can view your balance, last 60 days transactions and change your personal details. You can also order additional Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Cards for any persons over the age of 13. Date Reviewed: August 2006.

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