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Card One Banking Credit Card - Safe and Secure Online Banking

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Card One Banking

What Prepaid Card Summary Review?

What's Good ? Card One Banking Review?

With this card you can only spend what has been pre-loaded from your billing account, the major advantage of this system being that there is no risk of incurring hidden charges or becoming accidentally overdrawn. You can also withdraw cash at ATM machines worldwide, shop online or over the phone. As it is accepted in over 25 million locations worldwide, there are very few restrictions with this card.

What's not so good ?

Although the card is very popular and nonrestrictive, both the ATM and general charges increase when using the card abroad. So BE WARNED that it will pay to track your spending abroad with a keen eye. .

Card One Banking account

Application Process 3 star prepaid rating.

Very efficient application process, the best we have tested. Apply online and you will receive a confirmation letter the following day. This letter contains a barcode enabling you to make an initial top-up at the Post Office if you have not already paid for online. You then receive your prepaid MasterCard in around 7 days.

Card Design - 3 star prepaid rating.

Simple and straightforward – matching the usability of the card on the whole ..

Fees - 3 star prepaid rating.

A £1 charge for each withdrawal at UK ATM's, but no charge at all for retail transactions in the UK. However, a 2.75% charge of the transaction value per purchase outside of the UK is definitely worth making a note of. The card also has a £10 cancellation fee and a maximum initial load of £1,250..

Self Servicing - 3 star prepaid rating?

You can transfer money onto your prepaid MasterCard online, at the Post Office or via SMS message. Date Reviewed: September 2011

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