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BreadFX Card Review - Buy a Prepaid MasterCard Online

Published on 2 March 2016 in Multi - Review by Raffick Marday

BreadFX Prepaid MasterCard Review

What’s good?

The BreadFX prepaid MasterCard has been designed to help customers handle money safely and efficiently while abroad. As another option to manage your currency instead of travellers’ cheques or buying local currency in cash from the airport, the card has an obvious appeal. The card can be used at over 30 million locations worldwide and you can also view the existing balance easily both online and over the phone.

What’s not so good?

At the moment Sterling can only be converted into Euros with this card, which rather limits its global appeal.

BreadFXCard Design;

Stylish and contemporary – an attractive alternative to carrying a large sum of money while abroad.

BreadFX Fees;

The cash withdrawal fee of 1.5 Euros is the only notable charge associated with this card. There is no card issue of monthly fee to worry about, and there is also no overseas transaction fee to worry about.

BreadFX online servicing;

BreadFX gives you the ability to load funds onto the card easily using your debit card, via SMS text message or through a bank transfer.

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