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Bliss Prepaid Card - Smash Hits Prepayment Card & Magic Cash Card

Published on 4 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

Bliss Prepaid Card - Smash Hits PAYG Card and Magic Prepaid Card Reviews?

What's Good? Bliss Prepaid Card, Smash Hits Prepaid Card and Magic Prepaid Card Review

The Bliss Prepaid Card, Magic Prepaid Card and Smash Hit prepaid cards hit the UK earlier this year. They are relatively cheap to purchase and run on the Maestro network. Whilst they don’t have the same acceptance as a MasterCard and are not Chip-enabled, they are still accepted at around 7 million locations worldwide. The primary applicant only has to be 13 years or over to apply for a card.

What's not so good?

You can only reload the cards using a debit or credit card, which attract high reload fees, making them very expensive for frequent users. Also, only permitted to hold a maximum balance of £1000 in your account and restricted to a maximum single top-up (reload) of £200.

Bliss Prepaid Card Review

Application Process - 2-star prepaid rating.
The online application process well designed; however, you require a debit or credit card to purchase your prepaid card. You also need to be prepared to wait up to 21 days to receive your card.

Card Design - 4-star prepaid rating.
Bliss Prepaid Card, Magic Prepaid Card and Smash Hit prepaid cards offer a great choice of plastic designs are on offer, so you are sure to find a card that looks good in your wallet or purse.

Fees - 2-star prepaid rating.
Watch those reload fees! These prepaid cards are great for very occasional users, or as gift cards for a friend or relative, but can be extremely expensive if used regularly. It will also cost you £11.60 to get a card and PIN, which is on the high side.

Self Servicing - 3-star prepaid rating.
What Prepaid Card Summary Review. Well, Bliss Prepaid Card, Magic Prepaid Card and Smash Hit prepaid cards are all well-designed internet self-service website, enabling you to top-up your account or view your balance and recent transactions. You can also order new prepaid cards for any persons over the age of 13. Date Reviewed: July 2006.

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