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B and F Review - B&F Monthly Payment Card

Published on 4 April 2016 in M - Review by Raffick Marday

B and F Card Review

What Prepaid Card Summary Review - Card No Longer Available

What's Good? B and F Prepaid Card Review
Readily accepted in over 25 million locations worldwide, as well as in over 1 million ATM machines in over 210 countries, there is a lot to like about the versatility of the B & F prepaid MasterCard. There are also no ATM or general transaction charges in the UK. There is also no danger of overspending due to the fact that all funds must be preloaded onto the card, establishing a safe and financially sensible restriction. Discounts on exchanging foreign currency are also available to sweeten the deal.

B and F Card Revie

What's not so good?
In two words, additional charges. The card issue fee, coupled with the monthly payment fee, which must be kept are two of the less attractive features of an otherwise appealing prepaid card. The card is currently available only in sterling as well.

Application Process 5-star prepaid rating
The very efficient application process, the best we have tested. Apply online and you will receive a confirmation letter the following day. This letter contains a bar-code enabling you to make an initial top-up at the Post Office if you have not already paid for online. You then receive your prepaid MasterCard in around 3 days.

Card Design - 2-star prepaid rating
Bright, bold and loud – presumably designed with a younger audience in mind.

Fees - 4-star prepaid rating
A card issue fee of £9.99 does not get your relationship with this card off to the greatest start. There is also a monthly charge of £3.99 to contend with as well as a frustratingly petty card activation fee of £1.00. Transaction and ATM withdrawal charges are free though, bringing some balance.

Self Servicing - 3-star prepaid rating
There is a multitude of reloading options with the B & F prepaid card. Participating UK banks, Payzone, Post Offices and the B & F office all have reloading facilities. You also have the options of a cheque, postal order and bank transfer. Be warned though, that ALL of the options above carry a £1.50 reload fee as standard. Date Reviewed: August 2011

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