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APS Cashplus Card - Advanced Payment Solutions

Published on 6 April 2016 in Multi - Review by Raffick Marday

Advanced Payment Solutions

Advanced Payment Solutions Cashplus reaches £100 million turnover

Cashplus Credit Card And Benefits

Are you looking for credit cards that gives cashback for purchases? Then your ideal option would be Cashplus prepaid credit card. You can get your Cashplus Credit Card comes with two types of cards, travel money card and prepaid MasterCard. If you are using travel money Card, then you will be able to get better exchange rates on euros and dollars every you spend. If you are using prepaid MasterCard, then you will get one cashback for every online spend with the card.

Besides being one of the most reliable credit card companies, there are many other features and benefits in using this credit card. You will have to pay no annual fee for your Cashplus prepaid Credit Card. You will enjoy No interest on balance transfers for fixed transaction fee.

When you use Cashplus credit card abroad, you will be able to increase your credit rating. You will be able to get this submitted once a year. Cashplus very clearly encourages usage of their £100 overdraft.

Added to that you can increase your free files by using your credit card at any of over 100 online and high street partners. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of two credit cards with single PIN, single statement and single monthly payments. Cashplus travel cards are widely accepted and even if you should run into trouble using your Cashplus prepaid MasterCard cards, you can make use of your Cashplus MasterCard. So you will never get stuck.

Using the Cashplus you can enjoy free flights, day outs and other interesting activities. For example, for 195 airmiles you can get an adult flight ticket on the London Eye. You can use 300 airmiles to get a photographic makeover, you can use 600 airmiles to go scuba diving with a qualified instructor and 750 airmiles will cover your return flight to Paris including taxes and other fees. These are some of the exclusive features of Cashplus credit card. Besides these features, there are other standard features and benefits that come with every other credit card such as online and phone management of the credit card, internet fraud protection, worldwide acceptance, added online shopping security with Cashplus gold card protection feature. Active account monitoring using fraud specialists who will alert the card holders of any suspicious credit card transactions. Your Cashplus credit card comes with Chip and PIN security.

Customer service is second to none with Cashplus credit card. They are very friendly warm and easy to interact with. You can confidently choose Cashplus prepaid Credit Card. APS, August 27th, 2014

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