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So What is a Prepaid Credit Card?

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What is a Prepaid Card?

What is a Prepaid Card? Well the definition of a prepaid card is: A prepayment card that is either one of the following brands usually MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron or Amex. The prepayment card has a full online account that enables the user to add funds to the account, Once the funds are cleared this enables the user to then spend the balance, as the amount is topped up with your own money you can only spend what you load and is accepted depending on the brand of card you have chosen but is accepted worldwide including on the internet and overseas.

A prepaid card can also be described as a bank account debit card offered by most high street banks where as with your bank you can only spend what you have in the account. Prepaid cards offer no overdraft facility. Prepaid cards are the same as credit cards, but without the credit. The majority of UK prepaid card providers offer cards embossed with your own name, and all offer a chip and pin facility, where the new ones also offer contactless facilities.

How does a Prepaid Card Work?

Qualifying for a Prepaid Card

A prepaid card is not a credit facility, so you do not need to pass a credit check. Even if you have bad credit or CCJs you are guaranteed to be approved for a prepaid card. However, like most Money products, you are still required to provide details verifying your identity and address (for example a passport, driving licence or national identity card + utility bill or an official letter with your permanent or temporary UK address). Some of the UK prepaid card issuers will even verify your details online, and give you an instant approval. This is an electronic identity check, not a credit check!

The main Benefits of a pre-paid credit card

There are many benefits of using a pre-paid credit card, regardless of your financial status. See our feature-benefits of prepaid cards for more information about how prepay cards can help you.