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Top Ten Myths about Prepaid Cards

Myths about Prepaid MasterCard, Prepaid Maestro and Prepaid Visa?

Need a little help sorting out truth from myth? Interested in finding out more about prepaid credit cards. Start getting the facts you need today by exploring our Top 10 Myths about prepaid credit cards.

Not every store will accept my prepaid credit card.

Prepaid credit cards that carry the logo such as Visa or MasterCard, will be accepted almost anywhere a conventional debit or credit card are used. This is the standard rule worldwide, and it allows prepaid credit card users the same convenience of any major debit card and / or credit card.

MasterCard and Visa were the first companies to enter the prepaid credit card market, and most prepaid credit cards in the United Kingdom and the United States will have either the Visa or MasterCard logo, making them almost universally accepted.

Not all prepaid credit cards will be a Visa branded card or MasterCard branded, so look carefully before you apply. Other companies provide prepaid credit, such as Maestro, Cirrus shopping cards and / or virtual prepaid cards. These are also valid prepaid credit cards. However, they may not be accepted in as many locations as a standard Visa or MasterCard, and they may require a PIN or have other restrictions such as where you can use

Take a look at all your options before deciding on which prepaid credit card to get. Make sure that the card you choose is accepted where you need it most and has all the options that fit your lifestyle including the charges when using the card.