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Which Prepaid Cards work with Paypal

Being named on a highly respected financially based consumer site is brilliant, especially when our clients are singing our praises!

I came across this post on The post talks about one of the functionalities that we offer – the ability to link your ClearCash Prepaid MasterCard to your PayPal account, whether it be for eBay or general purchases.

Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert is very strict when mentioning individual companies as at times it can be deemed as self-promotion. Because of this, we have respectfully not contributed to conversations on his forum. With this in mind, I’m really pleased to see that one of our clients felt so passionately about ClearCash and the benefits we offer, so much so, that they were happy to go online to a forum such as MSE and post genuine advice not just about us, but other financially linked matters.

It’s clients like this who can help contribute to the development of the Prepaid industry and spearhead debates about what does and doesn’t work.

Which Prepaid Cards work with Ebay

For those of you who weren’t aware, you can link your ClearCash card to your PayPal account - it’s more of a manual process and involves you contacting PayPal to explain to them that you use a prepaid card. But - once you’ve done this , you can send money across as well as receive it.

If you’ve used Paypal with your ClearCash card, why not let us know how its worked out for you?

Happy with our service? Mention it! And if we have any on the other side of the fence, again, tell us, this is the key to developing ClearCash in to a service that is unrivalled.