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How Do Banks Make Their Money?

Prepaid Card Fees so how do prepaid card issuers make their money if they are not making money on interest, late payment or over limit fees, so the majority of prepaid cards have usage or monthly fees.

We have seen many reports that have a very negative view of prepaid cards, and the fees that the banks charge.

Its my money, so why should I pay fees to spend it
Prepaid card issuers are ripping off the UK's poorest people!

However, many of these articles reviewing prepaid cards are doing so from a journalist's view; one who probably has 3 or 4 credit cards in their wallet or purse!

There are fees, but if you choose a card that is most appropriate for your financial needs, you can still save lots of money, and have many benefits over cash or cheques!

For example:

You need a well deserved break, and you pop down to your local travel agent to book a weekend away. They find a holiday that exactly meets your needs However, before booking, you pop next door to the internet cafe, and check out some online offers. You are amazed at the discounts, but only have cash, so cant make a booking?

There is a solution! Take a look at our pre paid card comparison calculator, and get yourself a prepaid card! You could save the cost of owning a prepaid card in just one transaction!