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Prepaid Payment Cards in Business

Prepaid cards should not just see as a mechanism for individuals with a bad credit history to approve for a Visa or MasterCard.

The use of prepaid cards extends far wider and can be an extremely effective tool, for consumers. And businesses regardless of credit history. The following sections provide details of common scenarios where prepaid debit cards can be more beneficial. Than traditional credit cards in the world of business.

Your company name on prepaid business card

Have your company name on the prepaid business card?

Some card issuers are now offering business prepaid cards. Also, that allows consumers to include their company or business name on their prepaid plastic. You can compare business prepaid card issuers offering this service.

Prepaid Payroll Payment Cards

The take-up of pre-paid payroll cards has increased dramatically in the UK. This has been fuelled by the increase of immigrant workers from the EU. Creating a demand for alternative employee payment methods.
Read more information on using prepaid payment cards for payroll

Using Prepaid Cards for Google PPC Management

In addition, A prepaid card can be a great way of managing Pay Per Click (PPC) Search engine campaigns. An account reloaded with the monthly or weekly budget for the campaign, therefore making it impossible to overspend.

Consequently, Read more information on using a prepaid payment card to manage Google PPC