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Can I use my Prepaid Credit Card to pay for Web Hosting?

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Paying for Web Hosting with Prepaid Cards

Q. Can I use my Prepaid Card to pay for Web Hosting
A. Yes, and it means total control of payments taken.

Managing Hosting With a Prepaid Card?
Hosting of websites and email is a common service that web design agencies can provide for their clients. However, many smaller companies are not able to arrange a line of credit with the larger hosting centres and have to pay their hosting bills in advance or by credit card.  Hence, The web designer then has to recoup the costs from their client. This can have a disastrous effect on the web designer's cash flow.

This scenario can also affect larger agencies. One of the largest web hosting companies in the UK only accepts credit or debit cards from its re-sellers. For agencies running dedicated servers and large numbers of client sites. Therefore, this means thousands of pounds a month charged to a company credit card.

Paying for Web Hosting with Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Web Hosting Solution?
Prepaid cards offer a solution to this growing problem: a fixed amount per month can be pre-loaded to the card according to your web hosting budget. You then do not have to worry about your clients' websites being suspended because you went over your corporate card limit. to pay for the office Christmas party!

The solution for many cash flow related problems a prepaid card that only charges for reloads rather than per transaction. This means the cost of running the card is minimal.