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Pay for Pay Per Click Campaigns with Prepaid Cards?

Using a Prepaid Card to Fund your Google Pay Per Click Campaigns

Search engine pay-per-click campaigns are a very effective way of promoting your website. Hence, Google makes the process incredibly easy to set up and you can often see instant results. However, whether you are managing a campaign yourself or have engaged a web design agency or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) firm to do it for you, there are risks that you can be exposed to.

Prepaid Cards and How does Pay Per Click Work?

The pay per click model means that you can bid on a keyword that is relevant to your website. When a potential customer searches for your phrase in the search engine, your advertisement will appear in the advertising area of the search engine results. The position of your advertisement is determined by the amount you have bid for the keywords. You only pay if someone actually clicks on your link. A well-worded advertisement can be a successful way of driving traffic to your website.

Although most of the search engines allow you to cap your daily spend, the amount you pay per click will vary depending on the bids placed by other people (your competitors).

Pay for Pay Per Click Campaigns with Prepaid Cards

The Problems - if you are managing your own campaign

The search engines do not always offer credit terms- especially to new users. You will have to set up a credit or debit card to pay for your clicks.
Whilst appearing simple on the surface, PPC campaigns require careful monitoring to ensure you only spend what you want- bidding wars are commonplace.
Once you have overspent on your campaign, you cannot get the money back.

The Problems - if you are a web design agency or SEO firm

You may not be able to get a credit account from the search engine and will have to finance the campaign using a credit card. This can have a devastating effect on your company cash flow.

Your client is unlikely to want to give you their credit card details.

Even experienced campaign managers can overspend!

The Answer- a low-cost Prepaid Card

A prepaid card can be a great way to avoid these problems:

The card reloaded with the monthly or weekly budget for the campaign- it is, therefore, impossible to overspend

A web design agency applies for a card on behalf of a client- no credit checks required.

If a card with a zero per transaction cost is selected, the overhead for using a prepaid card for PPC management could be as little as £5 per month- a small percentage of most campaign spending.

Consequently, Having researched the cards on the market. We recommend the Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard for Google campaign management. As there only a small monthly fee and no transaction fees for internet transactions. In addition, You also have a maximum prepaid account balance of up to £5000.