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Top 10 Guaranteed Business Account?

Consumers and Businesses who use credit cards. Tortured by hundreds of phone calls. Hence, From his credit card firms repay his outstanding credit card bill.

Keith Harrison, a businessman from Buckfastleigh in Devon, spoke exclusively to the BBC about the telephone harassment that the MBNA credit card firm, and the debt collection firm Link Financial.

"Whatever you say about your circumstances they are not interested, they just want you to get your debit card out," "They were condescending and rude. The bottom line is they don't believe what you say" said Mr Harrison.

The lenders' behaviour was so bad that it contributed to a decision in February, by Judge Nicholas Chambers QC at Mold County Court, to write off just over £20,000 outstanding on Mr Harrison's card.

"I am satisfied that the claimant's description of the way that he was hounded by his creditors is essentially correct not least in the use of "non-traceable" telephone calls," the judge said.

"There can be no excuse for conduct of which it must be supposed the sole purpose must have been to make the claimant's life so difficult that he would come to heel." Top 10 Guaranteed Business Accounts

"Running into trouble Mr Harrison, who runs a design business from home, ran into trouble in 2007 - nearly a decade after first taking out the MBNA card.

“They almost had a mechanised collection process they triggered that took us completely by surprise”

Keith Harrison
In the space of three months, struck by a series of family illnesses. His mother had a serious heart attack. Necessitating constant care at home after treated in hospital. Then both his wife and daughter also went into a hospital with serious ailments.

Cheapest Guaranteed Business Account

New Alternative

With so many companies declined for credit and bank facilities. Also, the business prepaid MasterCard a great alternative to a corporate card or a business bank account and a Solution for businesses who need a payment card.

100% instant approval guaranteed* – whatever your company's status

  • No documents needed up front to open an account
  • Also, No credit checks
  • No links to any other bank accounts – separate borrowings from cash flow
  • A great addition to a business account:

Prepaid card providers are offering free deposits, so if your current bank charges per transaction and you make a lot of deposits, Hence, this could reduce your costs significantly.

  • Free internet banking – check your transactions and spend real time, 24/7
  • No purchase transaction or borrowing costs – only spend what you load
  • Pay bills quickly and efficiently
  • Expenses cards that offer no risk

  • No risk of overspending as your employees. So, Only spend what’s loaded
  • Reduce risk of fraud with payment protection offered on some prepaid cards
  • Track balance and spend instantly with free internet banking
  • Top up employees’ accounts while they’re travelling
  • Use wherever MasterCard  accepted – nearly 29 million locations worldwide
  • Cut Payroll time and processing costs

In addition, Did you know it can cost your business around £10 per company cheque? So, Once you’ve factored in banking fees and your own staff's salary and time. This could save your business up to £52,000 per year in payroll costs alone?

Consequently, Compare Business Account Cards