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Can I get my Company Name embossed on a Prepaid Card?

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Prepaid Cards my Company Name?

All UK Prepaid Cards as some prepaid business cards support second line embossing and allow customers to include their company name on their prepaid plastic.

In addition, It doesn’t matter if you are a Sole trader, partnership or Ltd company; you can now create a professional look. And separate all of your business and personal expenditure, providing you with greater control and flexibility.

Prepaid Cards my Company Name

Which Prepaid can I have my Company Name on the Cards?

Last Updated: 22nd March 2011

The following table compares all of the UK’s top prepaid Business cards. That allows you to include a business name on your business account card. It's ordered by product type. Full MasterCard or Visa CHIP first, Maestro/Electron Mag only last, and then by approx. usage cost.

Consequently, This estimated cost may be higher or lower based on your intended use and selected prepaid product type.  So, It is just a guide to enable a more informed selection.