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Cashplus Gold MasterCard?

Which Prepaid Cards Summary Review?

The Cashplus gold card was the first prepaid MasterCard to be issued in the UK and continues to be the most recognised prepaid card available today. It leads the prepaid card market with over 100,000 customers re-loading a combined 150 million pounds onto the product since its launch back in 2005. We previously reviewed the Cashplus Gold card back in November 2006, but, since then, Cashplus have launched a number of new services and features, making it easier to re-load and manage your account online and via SMS text messaging.

But, with the increasing number of prepaid cards being launched in the UK. It enough to keep Cashplus at the top. .Now non-competitive when compared with other leading prepaid cards?

Well, if you are searching for a prepaid card with global acceptance both on the internet and on your travels, that is convenient and easy to reload with funds, and one that automatically covers goods and services purchased using the card (for example if a retailer goes bankrupt)….

Then yes, we agree with the 100,000 customers already using Cashplus gold. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

What's Good Cashplus Gold MasterCard

Cashplus gold is a fully branded Chip and PIN MasterCard and is accepted at more than 24 million locations around the globe.

Maximum acceptance at all online internet retailers that display the MasterCard brand mark. You don't need a bank account and are guaranteed to be accepted, regardless of your credit history. In fact, as soon as you pay for your card, it's on it's way to you.

The Cashplus Gold card remains the only prepaid card on the UK market that automatically provides customers with purchase protection on goods and services purchased on the card. This is the same protection enjoyed by credit card customers, enforced under section 75 of the credit consumer act (CCA). The means that you will be protected in the event of a retailer going bankrupt, or goods not being received etc.

Cashplus Gold MasterCard

What's not so good Cashplus Gold MasterCard?

The Cashplus card still charges high cash withdrawal fees. These remain non-competitive when compared to some other prepaid cards. Whilst there are two products on offer, one for frequent users and one for low use users, cash advances fees remain the same for each product.

Prepaid Card Type - 5-star card Rating.
The Cashplus gold card MasterCard branded and therefore accepted at over 24 million retailers around the world. Displaying the MasterCard brand mark. Also, accepted at all ATM's around the globe displaying the Cirrus brand mark.

Application Process - 5-star card Rating.
The application process is very slick and the Cashplus website is very easy to use. Apply online and you will receive a confirmation letter the following day. This letter contains a bar-code enabling you to make an initial top-up at the Post Office. You then receive your prepaid MasterCard in around 3 days. Alternatively, if you are in a hurry, you can pay for your card immediately using a debit card.

Cash plus Card

Design - 5-star card Rating.
Our usual criteria for card design is based on both the “look” and the choice of cards provided. With the Cashplus gold card, there might be only one design but let's face it, it's a GOLD card! This card can sit proudly in your wallet or purse!

Fees - 4-star card Rating.
Two products are available. A pay as you go prepaid product called "Flexiplus", which is good for occasional users, and a product called "ActivePlus" which is good for frequent users. ActivePlus has a monthly fee, but no reload fees, so still cheap for frequent card users. But remember, if you intend to use your card frequently for cash advances. Expensive and alternative prepaid cards on the market that would better suit your needs.

Self Servicing - 4-star card Rating.
Consequently. You can service your account on the Cashplus website or via an interactive voice response. In addition, You can view your balance, last 60 days transactions and change your personal details. You can also order additional cards for any persons over the age of 13.You can also now get your balance and last 5 transactions via SMS text message, so you no longer need to keep your fingers crossed hoping that you have enough available funds to purchase that DVD!

Re-load Locations - 5-star card Rating.
The cash plus Gold card reloaded and topped-up for free at the following locations:
Post Office, Epay retailers, Debit card and ALL Cashplus retail outlet.

Customer satisfaction and awards - 5-star card Rating.

  • The cash-plus card has received the following awards:
  • Best Customer Servicing in Prepaid – MasterCard
  • Most Innovative Product - European Card Review
  • Best Product Launch - Cards International
  • Most Promising New Product - IFS
  • Best Call Centre - Connect Awards